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Terms of Services & Privacy Policy

Terms of Services

Personally, I do not like these kind of terms that usually confuse the visitor so, I’ll make it simple for the visitor of my blog!

Please follow the following guidelines:

  • You are NOT allowed to share partial posts (or the full ones) without a permission or at least without mentioning a link to the original post with a credit to the writer.
  • You are NOT allowed to post my photography work without a permission. However, you are able to share it without a permission in public communities (like facebook, Twitter and any discussion board) but, you MUST clearly state there a link to the original work and a credit to the owner. Put in mind, sharing with commercial use/intention is NOT accepted at all.
  • I respect copyrights so, Please notify me whenever I use any material that belongs to you or a party that owns its rights. I do my best to use FREE content in addition to my original content. In addition, I always mention the source and give full credits to every person who shares an effort in my shares/posts.
  • Your privacy and your security is your task. I apply the available and the maximum security on my website content and server. However, I’m NOT responsible if your hardware or software had a failure because of my website!

Privacy Policy

I do respect my visitors privacy and I do not commercially use your emails or your personal information. Please take care from the following points:

  • Third-party vendors and ad networks are serving ads on my website. The ads does not include any pop-up advertisements or any annoying ads.
  • Those websites that you may visit through the third-party vendors and ad networks might contains cookies. Cookies are not harmful!

Please drop me E-mail if you’ve any question or comment.