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Officially: Deal settled with Al Nahar TV

Mariam, Al Nahar TV Settlement

I would like to announce that I’ve just signed a settlement contract for Mariam’s photo with Al Nahar TV management. This time, I’ve been approached by a real desire from Al Nahar management (represented by: Mr. Amr El Kahky and Mohamed Gomaa) to reach a fair deal without going through further judicial steps. Finally, Negotiations were direct and fruitful after 3 months of talk rounds.

I’ve received my rights with decent compensation for the commercial use of my photo. They visited me in Alexandria and apologized personally on behalf of Al Nahar TV to me for all the things that I’ve passed through during this case.

Personally, This was enough for me

I would like to notify everyone that I’ve already submitted retraction requests (on youtube) for the videos I’ve already suspended via youtube and Al Nahar TV team will work intensively to reopen the official channel via youtube support within few hours.

It’s time to believe it: Rights can never be lost

Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Copyright Infringement Update: No deal with Al Nahar TV

Thanks goes to:

First, I would like to thank everyone who shared my previous post related to my infringed copyright. Your shares, outstanding support and encouragements were the real pleasure that I had through this story.

Another big thanks to my friends: Rafaat, Islam, Abdeen and Walid, you are the best friends in the world.

All the appreciation and thanks to: Filfan, Masrawy, Tahrir News, a Digital Boom, Dot Masr, Vetogateย and all the facebook pages like: Social businessย and others that discussed and shared this case. Thanks a lot.

Second, I would like to announce that Youtube and Facebook removed all the content violated my rights and contained my artwork. Thanks for protecting copyrights worldwide, all the respect goes to their support teams.

Negotiations Ended

Third, Negotiations between Al Nahar TV and me has reached a dead end due to financial disagreements. Based on that, I’ve notified Al Nahar TV to remove my artwork from the next live episodes of Sabaya Al Kheir. Actually, I do not know whether they will implement that or not but, I will act based on their reaction to my request. (more…)