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Copyright Infringement Update (2): Al Nahar TV – Will this has an end?

Read the following posts before you continue please, to make sure that you are aware of the whole story

I’ve already closed this topic few days ago but, it seems that it is not. Sadly, I’ve to write more about it.

Link of the video: Watch NOW (or Watch it on: shahid.net – from minute 25:50)

My reply on what is said from Ms. Riham Saeed on MBC ET BelarabyWatch NOW on Shahid.net | On YouTube

Ms. Riham Saeed seems to be not aware with what is going on in her program so, I am just replying on what is said on her tongue during MBC ET Belaraby (Episode: 9/6/2015). She mentioned that they (she or Al Nahar TV) bought the photo from me, paid money to me and that the channel of Al Nahar TV or Sabaya El Kheir on the youtube is opened again!

So, to make it clear for everyone here.

Number 1 – I did NOT sell my photo to Al Nahar TV or Reham Saeed or to any human being on this earth. I did not receive any money from Al Nahar TV or Sabaya El Kheir and I still own all the rights of this photo to the moment of writing this post and if they already bought the photo as you mentioned on MBC ET Belaraby so, why did Sabaya El Kheir crew remove it from the background of the program’s decor? (see screen shot below) (more…)