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Copyright Infringement Update: No deal with Al Nahar TV

Thanks goes to:

First, I would like to thank everyone who shared my previous post related to my infringed copyright. Your shares, outstanding support and encouragements were the real pleasure that I had through this story.

Another big thanks to my friends: Rafaat, Islam, Abdeen and Walid, you are the best friends in the world.

All the appreciation and thanks to: Filfan, Masrawy, Tahrir News, a Digital Boom, Dot Masr, Vetogate and all the facebook pages like: Social business and others that discussed and shared this case. Thanks a lot.

Second, I would like to announce that Youtube and Facebook removed all the content violated my rights and contained my artwork. Thanks for protecting copyrights worldwide, all the respect goes to their support teams.

Negotiations Ended

Third, Negotiations between Al Nahar TV and me has reached a dead end due to financial disagreements. Based on that, I’ve notified Al Nahar TV to remove my artwork from the next live episodes of Sabaya Al Kheir. Actually, I do not know whether they will implement that or not but, I will act based on their reaction to my request. Read the rest of this page »

Copyright Infringement: Al Nahar TV stole my artwork

It is not funny thing to say that we’ve a very poor copyrights system in Egypt and that everyone is able to use whatever he/she wants without paying back the cost of using the others efforts. Personally, when I use the other’s work, I give full credits to the owners/creators of the work or pay the cost of using it.

However, the boring story just happened with me, I just discovered that one of my favorite artwork has been used as a part of the main background decor behind Riham Saeed (Program Presenter of Sabaia Al Kheir). I do not mind sharing my artwork everywhere However, giving full credit or a small attribute to my name is a basis of respect that media makers should give attention to.

This photo is published under CC license stated on the following link: creativecommons.org and the license is visible on Flickr.

Below are screenshots from the TV program (Watch video sample) and the original photo posted during 2011 on my Flickr

Screenshot #1: Original Photo – Mariam Ehab, The Charming Egyptian Kid!

Mariam Ehab, The Charming Egyptian Kid!

Mariam Ehab, The Charming Egyptian Kid!

Screenshot #2: Sabaya El Kheir, Al Nahar TV

Al Nahar TV stole my artwork

Copyright Infringement: Al Nahar TV stole my artwork

I will do what I’ve to do to notify the channel and restore my infringed copyright.

Refreshing the Dead K Blog!

I knew that I am too slow and hardly posting anything in my personal blog which I’ve released during 2011 (4 Years ago). Being too busy with my work with telling myself, you must post high quality posts in your blog made me so picky in posting anything to the extent that I saved many drafts without even publishing them. Honestly, This is wrong and I am taking a serious action to correct all my mistakes. I wanna get back to posting and this is the first rock in my stagnant water.

Currently, I am working hard on FOREXA.ME (the second version: StreamZ)- This is a real trial to share my thoughts, ideas, analyses and experience with Forex traders, investors and everyone interested

I’ll do my best to keep posting at least once every month till I finish all the projects that I am working on. Wish me a good luck and keep watching .. keep WATCHING 😀

Nokia N900 (Maemo 5) Vs. Androids!

Nokia N900

Do you’ve a smart phone?

If you do not have one then, you are living in the past (almost 10 years ago). Having a smart phones is a must for any web addicted and social networks lovers. For me, I moved (actually, I jumped) from the stone Nokia 6230i to great Nokia N900. N900 is one of the best smartphones in 2009/2010. I bought it late in February 2011 and I really enjoyed every little minute using it. Nokia N900 has the best QWERTY keyboard I’ve ever tried on a mobile, Huge internal memory for a phone (32 GB) in addition to the micro memory card slot which can give extra memory if the 32GB was not enough for you!. The device’s screen is resistive however, it is the best in market. The processor s powerful enough to never let you down. Multitasking is a reality on the N900 with no lags or crashes & you will have a full access to any website as if you are using your Pc browser (Flash enabled). Read the rest of this page »

Alexandre Desplat, My Tears Explorer!

It is recommended to: Watch this video – The Wonder of Life, Alexandre Desplat before you continue reading this post.

It is just a mystery how the music inspires us with joy and sadness. I’ve been asking myself this question for years and I did not find the correct answer before hearing (Alexandre Desplat). Read the rest of this page »