K Blog!


Refreshing the Dead K Blog!

I knew that I am too slow and hardly posting anything in my personal blog which I’ve released during 2011 (4 Years ago). Being too busy with my work with telling myself, you must post high quality posts in your blog made me so picky in posting anything to the extent that I saved many drafts without even publishing them. Honestly, This is wrong and I am taking a serious action to correct all my mistakes. I wanna get back to posting and this is the first rock in my stagnant water.

Currently, I am working hard on FOREXA.ME (the second version: StreamZ)- This is a real trial to share my thoughts, ideas, analyses and experience with Forex traders, investors and everyone interested

I’ll do my best to keep posting at least once every month till I finish all the projects that I am working on. Wish me a good luck and keep watching .. keep WATCHING 😀

Nokia N900 (Maemo 5) Vs. Androids!

Nokia N900

Do you’ve a smart phone?

If you do not have one then, you are living in the past (almost 10 years ago). Having a smart phones is a must for any web addicted and social networks lovers. For me, I moved (actually, I jumped) from the stone Nokia 6230i to great Nokia N900. N900 is one of the best smartphones in 2009/2010. I bought it late in February 2011 and I really enjoyed every little minute using it. Nokia N900 has the best QWERTY keyboard I’ve ever tried on a mobile, Huge internal memory for a phone (32 GB) in addition to the micro memory card slot which can give extra memory if the 32GB was not enough for you!. The device’s screen is resistive however, it is the best in market. The processor s powerful enough to never let you down. Multitasking is a reality on the N900 with no lags or crashes & you will have a full access to any website as if you are using your Pc browser (Flash enabled). Read the rest of this page »

Alexandre Desplat, My Tears Explorer!

It is recommended to: Watch this video – The Wonder of Life, Alexandre Desplat before you continue reading this post.

It is just a mystery how the music inspires us with joy and sadness. I’ve been asking myself this question for years and I did not find the correct answer before hearing (Alexandre Desplat). Read the rest of this page »

+12 Years to start my First Blog!

I can not believe my self that I had finally made it. It took me +12 years to reach to this point.

Actually, I wanted to start this blog from years. A year after year, I delayed it till I finally released it today (19th June, 2011).

The date has a story behind it but, I prefer to keep it for my self as a little secret.

It is really very weird feeling to start writing after all these years, I spent long time online writing in public forums, sharing, leading forums, watching others experience and working in a dynamic world that has new things every minute. I planned for this too much but, I’ve never had the chance to do it. Yes .. Yes ..  you are right, the lack of Time, my work and some of what is called “my laziness” were the reasons behind this long delay!

Let’s jump to what you are gonna have on this Blog. On K Blog, you will have a closer look on my extreme sharp opinions about almost every thing, point of view in life and posts talking about my life, my fails, my successes, some memories, some craziness and few of my secrets. You will see the world through my eyes!

K Photography is a part of K Blog but, I prefer to talk about it in the next post. Stay tuned for it!

I’m unable to finish this post at the moment for a reason 😛 ~may be cause it is my first post, I feel like I’m gonna write too much (& this is not a good beginning :D) so, I’ll move back with my chair and get back with a new post later, I’m sure about that;)

Enjoy the empty blog (Joke from reality :P) till I’ve something new to tell, I’m getting excited about my future posts!. I’ve a lot to tell .. really a lot!