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Alexandre Desplat, My Tears Explorer!

It is recommended to: Watch this video – The Wonder of Life, Alexandre Desplat before you continue reading this post.

It is just a mystery how the music inspires us with joy and sadness. I’ve been asking myself this question for years and I did not find the correct answer before hearing (Alexandre Desplat).

Alexandre Desplat is a French film composer & one of my favorite music makers ever. I fell in love with him when I listened to one of his tragic masterpieces (Alone at night – From the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button movie). His music pieces explore my unlimited tears in every time I listen to it, there is something that makes your tears comes out from his inspirational music.

His magic appears when you feel that you belong to this piece of music and your life is a part from it. His music takes me out of life as if I’m watching my life on a movie screen, a lot of tragic, sadness deep inside with the classic beauty of the endless desperate love. I cry from how his music touches me so deep, so deep where no one can reach and where no one can see those tears. Listen to it with your heart and I’m pretty sure that you will find your tears walking out on your cheeks.

I’ve searched online for his music pieces from different movies and I’ve found a very nice collection from his best. For the copyrights issues, I’ll give you the chance to hear few of his best and you can use google to find the rest of his tracks & sure, do not miss the chance to buy his original CDs, if you find them.

Listen to the following tracks from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button movie:

Alexandre Desplat, Alone at Night Alexandre Desplat, Dying Away Alexandre Desplat, Nothing Lasts

For the addicted fans like me, You can check out his music art at:
IMDB | WikiPedia | YouTube | K Live (My favorite music pieces)

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  1. Mona Sami

    It’s amazing…good taste ya Koki ;))

    June 30, 2011 at 9:12 AM

  2. The Unknown

    your choices are always correct …..

    June 28, 2011 at 11:34 AM

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