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Goodbye kokillennium.com

Sadly, I am taking this website down by the last day of 2022. A new website is coming soon under a new domain: KarimElBawab.com which will be my main website, hopefully, I will invest more time to create more content. kokillennium.com was not an active website since I always stick to my social media channels. In addition, I had no extra time to be more active on social media.

I have a good plan to implement and all I need is concentration and dedication. Wish me good luck with my new website. See you soon with the new Karimelbawab.com

for Busy People: Golden Opportunity to Study Digital Marketing for Free!

Digital Marketing

I’ve been working as a social media specialist for a few years in the Egyptian market and worldwide. From the first day in my career, I studied from different sources that were available online. This was good for years when I started my first steps into the field and when it was only enough by self-studying to penetrate digital marketing.

In the last few years, Corporates raised the bar for cooperating with marketers and required them not only to cope up with the latest technologies but to be certified by reliable educational organizations. Business entities started to be so picky when it had to choose a social media marketer, considering the certified first before uncertified candidates; It became a hard mission for any social media marketer including myself to find a gig or full-time digital marketing job. Needless to mention, it is very expensive to be certified by any good educational organization in Egypt or worldwide.

Based on these rising elements a question has been raised by the social media workforce and businesses, Do we have any chances as “marketers” to be certified from well-known organizations? – to be able to compete with other certified marketers.

The answer to this question was given by a well-known educational organization like Udacity under the “Egypt Digital Strategy” vision. Udacity cooperates with [Information Technology Industry Development Agency] under the umbrella of [Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology] to introduce Egypt FWD – Digital Marketing Professional Nanodegree, This is well arranged academic and practical educational materials that aim to build and boost your marketing knowledge. Passing through its quizzes and projects gives you the suitable experience and certification by Udacity which is one of the strongest educational organizations in the middle east nowadays.

Digital Marketing Professional Nanodegree (Egypt FWD) provides every marketer with free reliable knowledge, without any financial commitment, and with an easily manageable time schedule to study, you will be able to be certified and prove that you are a good candidate for digital marketing jobs by acquiring this nano degree; You are building a new keystone in your career as a social media marketer.

For these elements, I’ve joined Digital Marketing Professional Nanodegree and I hope that everyone will follow!

To enroll in Egypt FWD Digital Marketing Nano-Degree, Please visit this link: https://egfwd.com/

New beginning, May be!?

One of the things that I wanted to improve in myself is to be much more patience and to continue what I’ve started!.

I am the man, who gets excited for a project, work on it for hours, days, weeks or months and then, release it to stop working on it few weeks later!. This costed me a lot and with limited investments in my projects, I could not make the successful project that I’ve dreamed of. It is hard to work on your projects while you’ve a full time job. Time is very limited and everything is running so fast!

Well, Today. I started to rearrange my priorities. It is hard to change but, let me try again!

فن.مصر | My new project

فن مصر - فن.مصر

Last week, I’ve released فن.مصر | first version, This is artistic portal that will bring to the visitor the latest art news, movies announcements, songs and music releases whether in Egypt or worldwide.

This is promising potential for the Arabic content on the web. Give it a visit and I will be waiting your comments.

Officially: Deal settled with Al Nahar TV

I would like to announce that I’ve just signed a settlement contract for Mariam’s photo with Al Nahar TV management. This time, I’ve been approached by a real desire from Al Nahar management (represented by: Mr. Amr El Kahky and Mohamed Gomaa) to reach a fair deal without going through further judicial steps. Finally, Negotiations were direct and fruitful after 3 months of talk rounds.

I’ve received my rights with decent compensation for the commercial use of my photo. They visited me in Alexandria and apologized personally on behalf of Al Nahar TV to me for all the things that I’ve passed through during this case.

Personally, This was enough for me

I would like to notify everyone that I’ve already submitted retraction requests (on youtube) for the videos I’ve already suspended via youtube and Al Nahar TV team will work intensively to reopen the official channel via youtube support within few hours.

It’s time to believe it: Rights can never be lost

Thank you 🙂