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New beginning, May be!?

One of the things that I wanted to improve in myself is to be much more patience and to continue what I’ve started!.

I am the man, who gets excited for a project, work on it for hours, days, weeks or months and then, release it to stop working on it few weeks later!. This costed me a lot and with limited investments in my projects, I could not make the successful project that I’ve dreamed of. It is hard to work on your projects while you’ve a full time job. Time is very limited and everything is running so fast!

Well, Today. I started to rearrange my priorities. It is hard to change but, let me try again!

فن.مصر | My new project

فن مصر - فن.مصر

Last week, I’ve released فن.مصر | first version, This is artistic portal that will bring to the visitor the latest art news, movies announcements, songs and music releases whether in Egypt or worldwide.

This is promising potential for the Arabic content on the web. Give it a visit and I will be waiting your comments.

Officially: Deal settled with Al Nahar TV

I would like to announce that I’ve just signed a settlement contract for Mariam’s photo with Al Nahar TV management. This time, I’ve been approached by a real desire from Al Nahar management (represented by: Mr. Amr El Kahky and Mohamed Gomaa) to reach a fair deal without going through further judicial steps. Finally, Negotiations were direct and fruitful after 3 months of talk rounds.

I’ve received my rights with decent compensation for the commercial use of my photo. They visited me in Alexandria and apologized personally on behalf of Al Nahar TV to me for all the things that I’ve passed through during this case.

Personally, This was enough for me

I would like to notify everyone that I’ve already submitted retraction requests (on youtube) for the videos I’ve already suspended via youtube and Al Nahar TV team will work intensively to reopen the official channel via youtube support within few hours.

It’s time to believe it: Rights can never be lost

Thank you 🙂

Released: Forexa.me, version: StreamZ

I would love to introduce Forexa.me, Version: StreamZ

Forexa.me is offering FOREX reviews, expectations and analyses for currency pairs and commodities based on technical analysis (with fundamental analysis in mind) on daily/weekly basis. In addition to all, what I read every day about currencies trading, economics and some financial topics. The reason behind that is that I want to build a reliable stable source for good reviews that every beginner can use with no hesitation.

Forexa.me is one of the projects that I’ve introduced via Hostera.com in 2014.

Enjoy it and give it a visit, I will be back with great updates every week on Forexa.me starting from next week.


كوميديا سوداء: اليوم السابع تغير الحقائق أمام قراءها و وشوشة تتهمني بالنصب

طبعاً كوميديا سوداء، إعتبرتها قناة النهار – حتة صورة في خلفية برنامج – يتعمل عليها كل الكلام ده. بس يبدو إن الواحد إتكتب عليه الحوار ده عشان يفرجنا علي الاعلام
المصري الذي يتجاهل أهم بنود دستور مصر 2014 الذي إعتبر حماية الملكية الفكرية للأعمال الإبداعية حق دستوري لكل مواطن مصري


الموضوع ببساطة إن جريدة اليوم السابع (رئيس تحريرها: خالد صلاح) – المحاور بقناة النهار، أعلنت إن قناة النهار علي اليوتيوب المغلقة قد تم فتحها بعد أيام من غلقها لأسباب تقنية و الحقيقة إن الأسباب مكنتش تقنية خالص، الأسباب كما ذُكرت علي قناة اليوتيوب – كما يقول اليوتيوب

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